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GamerSafe is our new system for microtransactions and a whole lot more!

We're in beta now and aren't yet accepting all developers into the system, but we felt that now is a good time to begin discussing GamerSafe -- our first tester has completed their game and placed it for sale on FGL just today, so we're about to get moving pretty dramatically!

We're very excited about this! I'll let Chris tell you more.

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looks amazing! I got my non-developer account. If I had a game for microtransactions, I would apply, but for now, alas, I have no ideas for microtransactions games... I will eventually.

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I'm glad this has finally been released! Exciting stuff!

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This sounds nice :) Great!

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Hey everyone,

We are really excited to announce this new system.  You can check out the first game to be released with GamerSafe (up for sponsorship now!) here:

And our demo game here:

As you can see, GamerSafe allows you to store all of a player's achievements, game saves, items, and more... all for free! And on top of that you can utilize the system to sell items or anything else!

This is an open forum so feel free to discuss or ask questions or anything else.  We want this to be a totally open ended thing, we don't want to hide behind closed doors on this as you are all ultimately the most important part of this (which is why we're announcing this even though we are in beta)!

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Hey guys !

We're honored to have the very first game using GamerSafe System !

The API is very easy to use, and if anyone need help on how to implement it, feel free to PM me,  I'll do what I can ! 


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Wow awesome, this was totally unexpected! I would love to join as a developer. As a player the whole process is simple, which is a huge plus.

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Hey this is pretty interesting.  I just made an account and i like the easy setup for players.  That really makes it nice and does that drive them away with a lengthy sign up process. 

I like the idea and i think it is another great venture to explore in.

One thing i would suggest to make it purfect would be an API that could be used to sign up players while in the game.  I don't know how that would work as far as security would go but i can imagine how cool it would be.  Ether way what you got now is a cool little tool for extra dolars.

Will players be able to trade back and forth gold?

Maybe sell items to other users?

Lets say i have a game and want a universal item to appear in the games and if a player buys it he can use it in any game.  Looks like it is possible.

Well i might wana give it a shot.

What kinda of thing do you need from me to get started working with this new system?

Thank you,


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jjwallace - yeah, we currently don't let users sign up in-game due to security concerns. We may improve that over time (and only require them to go to our website when they need to enter their credit card # or whatever), if we get some security concerns worked out. (But on the other hand, it's useful to show users the website early on, so they know where to go if they want to add money... so there are lots of usability issues to think about!)

We aren't planning on letting users trade GamerGold or sell items to each other. The system can support these operations under the hood, so if some day there is a huge cry for it we can add it, but it adds a lot of complexity, legal issues, and ways for users to try to abuse people. So we aren't planning on it unless it proves so important that it offsets everything else.

Yes, developers will be able to reuse items in other games you make. You will only be able to do this with games you make -- you won't be able to import other developers' items into your game, but you should be able to have "jjwallace-games-universal" items, for instance. (This feature isn't quite in the v1.0 interface, but is planned for the 1.1)

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Great idea. Looks like a pretty interesting system.Signing up seems pretty straight forward. What I like is that it's not just microtransactions, but awards and saving as well. One nice complete package for gamers.

With so many sites coming out with systems for microtransactions, we need one to dominate the market, that way players aren't stuck signing into 5 different systems for games. Hopefully one pulls ahead of the others, and good luck to you.

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Aethos Games

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Yes!! Just in time for my next project!!!

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I've been heavily involved in the technical design of the site, and have made sure we packed a whole lot of cool features in for developers to take advantage of. I think we're way ahead of the other microtransaction sites in terms of raw power and options for developers. So obviously I'll be chiming in about the tech involved from time to time! I might be a little biased, having coded so much of the site, but I think our tech is much better than the other micropayment systems out there. 

But I have to admit that tech is relatively easy. The real power of GamerSafe will be through FGL's deep understanding of the market and our gamer-centric viewpoint. We've thought a long time about how to convert users from non-payers to payers, and have created a bunch of systems to help you turn free players into buyers, without pissing them off or making them feel they "have to pay." I think our attention to the users' experience is what's going to help make our site work in the long run.

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Just to note, FreelanceFlashGames, we also kept in mind that there are a ton of MT systems out there and coming out.  We truly want to give everyone more monetization options, not limit anything.  That's why we made sure to make our system flexible enough so that it can easily "exchange" our currency (GamerGold) with other currencies.  All we would need to do is work with those companies to make it happen.

If you're interested in working with the system then you can send me an email, PM, or even post here about a game idea or game you have in the works.  Another big thing we're concerned about is how well GamerSafe is implemented.  We don't want games out there making people buy levels or items crucial to gameplay, or have to buy elements of the game that should be part of the free version.  When devs start doing that it's going to ruin it for everyone else.  We're going to let developers be as creative as they want, but we want to advise them along the way until they get the hang of things in this new, exciting, space.

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Very neat system from what I've read/seen. I can definitely see this going really far. I have a game concept in mind that could perhaps make use of it as well, I'll try and plan around that idea as I work on it. Definitely cool and very well presented, great job.

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Just curious here but what is the revenue share model for this setup?

What percent of real world dollars spent do the devs end up with?

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Hey MindBeast.

Excellent question!  Maybe one of the most important :)  Currently the split is 60/30/10 (Developer/GamerSafe/distribution)  GamerSafe's % includes all payment processing fees, fraud prevention and handling, server and backend costs, customer support, etc.  Distribution's percent includes things like working with portals and other sites and making sure the games get plays. 

So basically a developer will always get 60% of what is spent in their game.  Another cool thing is that you can split your % anyway you want. So if you have an artist who you want to split 50/50 with, you can do that (so you will both get 30% of the gross).  You can split your dev share as many times as you want and in any % that you want.  And what is even cooler is you can have sponsors BID on revenue share.  So maybe a sponsor would like to pay $10,000 to get 20% of the rev share (this would be rev share on all game plays across the net too!)  And, of course, you could choose to keep the % all to yourself :)

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Looks very promising, i cant wait to analyze how games will apply this new API and how users will react to this kind of microtransations.

well done!

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It sounds like GamerSafe is packed with features. I especially like that it can exchange different types of currencies, making it so if players do have accounts with other systems, they can trade currencies between them. Also, the dev split seems like a really good idea. How long have you guys been working on this system?

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Wow, really awesome system. I liked the features you have here, I'm waiting to see how players will react to that. Maybe I use the API in my next game =)

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Developer account signups are closed? when will they re-open?

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