Where would I go to find a programmer to team up with?

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Me and some other people have started designing a game, but we need a programmer to actually be able to make it. What forum could I go to to find someone?

posted 2018-03-26T16:29:38-07:00

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There’s a Collaborations forum here, which is meant to bring people together; though it’s much quieter now I would post there first. Other sites have similar places where you can advertise your project and look for people interested in taking part.

You should first though come up with a much better summary of what you are doing. I mean if you need a programmer you must have design and art, so show some of that. The better it is the more likely you will find a programmer inspired by it to join you. Look at some of the older threads in the Collaborations forum for examples.

posted 2018-03-26T19:54:50-07:00