How and where to add Interstitial Ads code into existing Android app ?

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As i am  new in integrating  Ads Using Enahance SDk . I heard about Enhance and  I have gone through complete step by step process. As I already integrated AerServ in my code LIke this:

AerServConfig config = new AerServConfig(activity, activity.getString(R.string.plc_static_interstitial)).setEventListener(listener); interstitial = new AerServInterstitial(config);;

and i m bit confused. In Enhance   integrating   Interstitial Ads, can  we need to add this much code mention here

Can i Replace above  code to this :


Is it enough to show InterstitialAd ?

After every steps how to know that Enhanced is perfectly added in application? 

Please give me Right direction .




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So when you are using Enhance, you don't have to worry about using any code from the network.  In this case aerserv. You don't need it, you can remove it.

Once you have placed our drag and drop library into your project, all you have to do is put our "dummy call" in place where you want ads to show.

After you have finished this, all you have to do is upload you project to Enhance and choose the networks that you want, enter in your id #'s and you are good to go.

Enhance can even help with the signing process.

After your project is Enhanced, you will be able to download it, 100% ready to go.


I hope this helps, if not, please feel free to reach out.



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Hey FGL_Rozek,

Thanks for your time.

I have added this code where I want to show ads for enhace integration 

boolean isReady = Enhance.isInterstitialReady("my_placement"); if(isReady) Enhance.showInterstitialAd();

If i am right than "my_placement" is my Aerserve ad network Interstitial Id ?

So my question is , what if i have more than one ad networks?

and how do i add multiple "my_placement" for multipule ads network.

I need to Integrate Interstitial,Banner Ads.Video ads like pre-roll,mid-roll,and post-roll? I am not sure about mid-roll and Post-roll.

My last question is,  i need to test Enhanced implemented release apk on my device . So which option need to select from Signing  Option. 


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Hi Baid,

The "my_placement" here refers to a custom placement as defined in our mediation editor. The mediation editor is a special tool accessed for your apps list, and an advanced feature of Enhance - you don't need to provide a value there by default (just call isInterstitialReady()) and Enhance will use a standard waterfall setup for you including all of the ad SDKs you have Enhanced with. You provide your AerServ Placement ID during the Enhance process when you are asked to enter IDs and codes for your SDKs (along with any other SDK codes and IDs - you never have to specify these in your app source code at all!).

If you do want to specify different ad networks to show at different parts of your app, this is possible with the mediation editor. If that's what you'd like to do, rather than letting Enhance's automatic waterfall handle it, then post back here and I'll give a deeper explanation of the Enhance custom placements, mediation editor and waterfalls.

For your signing question, debug/test signing would be appropriate for that. You only need to upload a keystore and sign if you want to publish (you can always Re-Enhance again before releasing if you want to do this).


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Getting error  after Enhancing :

Uh oh! Something went wrong!

Our engineering team have been notified and we'll get in touch when we have fixed the problem!

In this app  

247 Horror

Please let me know whats the problem

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