Callback from enhance.showInterstitial() ?

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I'm using Enhance with Defold, and the only API for showing interstitials I can find is this:

is_ready = enhance.isInterstitialReady() enhance.showInterstitial()

Is there any callback or other mechanism I can use to determine when the user has 'finished' with the ad? Aka when they have clicked on it and returned, or when they have 'X'ed out of it?


posted 2018-01-07T08:13:14-08:00

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So, you want to give the player in-game reward for interacting with intersticial?

posted 2018-01-07T11:44:16-08:00

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No, the problem is that my code is still running in the background when the interstitial appears. I'm using the Defold game engine, and posted on the forums over there about my issue:

posted 2018-01-08T17:50:34-08:00 | edited 2018-01-08T17:50:53-08:00