Incent installs, worth it?

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I am about to launch my latest mobile game so was wondering about incent install campaign or normal video ads campaign.

I tried video ads for my previous game but had no luck, no doubt the quality of the ad and game matters but i see that after the video ad it shows the number of ratings the game has and my game had just 10-20 that my friends gave. Most of the video ads i see for other games has 50k+ ratings, this makes the user think the game might be good and he should try it.

So should i  inflate that initial download and ratings numbers for a month by incent install campaign, then go for normal video ads? All incent install companies offer real users but these 90% of these users never even start the game so this ruins your retention numbers.

Anyone here has any success in launching a game?

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I can give you advice from my own developer's experience. Don't launch a release version first. Release an alpha or beta. Make good description, add screenshots, video. Also spend 10 more minutes and integrate some analytics service like Flurry of Firebase into your game (with Enhance, of course ;) ). 

Spread the info of your game at the forums/facebook groups. After a few days you'll see how well the game keeps gains and keep the players' attention. And only then you'll be able to make a decision of what to do next with it.

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