Thank you FGL, but it's time to say goodbye.

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Just a public note to everyone involved with FGL, that I personally would like to thank you for whay you accomplished for Flash developers. It was a wild roller coaster ride for sure. You provided an opportunity for so many devs to "learn the market", experience the highs of making some serious money from a successful game, to the reality of the lows when you exposed "your best game ever" to the sponsor market only to find out no one is you cleverly said publicly.. "I'm just going to self sponsor this one." ;) We all knew what that meant. :P lol.

Seriously, thank you for everything you did!


posted 2017-10-19T16:05:33-07:00

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Thank you for being a part of community! Are you going to keep making games?

posted 2017-10-22T06:04:08-07:00

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Yeah shot guys. Before HTML5 came along you guys were absolutely amazing and made making my stink little puzzle games a viable business.

posted 2017-11-22T00:08:31-08:00

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Thank you for you too, and FGL community

posted 2017-11-29T05:25:42-08:00

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yes FGL is realy a great help for us, I learn so much in this market. really miss the old times. 

thank you!

posted 2017-12-08T06:53:39-08:00

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Hi! Glad to see you again! It seemed to me you managed to hit a jackpot on mobile with your Duterte game :) I think new times (when everyone is making mobile games and working directly with players) seems better for you, thanthe times when the devs needed get the sponsor's attention.

posted 2017-12-09T00:44:51-08:00

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LOL thanks!

Hmm in revenue wise maybe yes? :D

But creating cool flash games with no limitation is better :D

posted 2017-12-11T05:51:31-08:00

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I miss this place. There is nothing like FGL community where anyone can ask for a game dev question either codes or design and everyone will jump in to help. If anyone wants to reminisce the old days, I'd like to invite you to a Facebook group I made.

posted 2017-12-12T18:23:35-08:00

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Munsie, thank you for being part of the community. I'm sorry to hear that you'll never be able to type "<enter>" in your browser again so you'll have to say goodbye.

posted 2018-02-26T04:48:23-08:00

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Yeah thank you guys! And besides that when I started creating flash games it was the worst days of my life in personal plan, days I wouldn't want to remember, it was cool to escape reality and do games! Thank you, I guess without you I wouldn't be involved in game development and make living from it! Respect!

posted 2018-04-27T23:32:27-07:00