It's sad how this forum / community has totally died!

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... I mean, is there anyone left at all now?

posted 2017-10-13T04:01:05-07:00

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Currently logging in once a week now, compared to evereryday last year. Yeah, i guess it's pretty much the end. But there is still action elsewhere.

posted 2017-10-13T06:33:06-07:00

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 Posted on 13th Oct '17 by Blackizzy

Currently logging in once a week now, compared to evereryday last year. Yeah, i guess it's pretty much the end. But there is still action elsewhere.

same here. Do let us know where the action is. :)

posted 2017-10-14T07:36:49-07:00

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FGL let down its community with that hilarious "The community and marketplace are currently down for maintenance" discontinuing of its former role.

you can still find that joke when click on "profile" (link on the name). most of ppl saw thay are not welcome here and went elswhere.

its sad. but there is No FGL community anymore.


PS: in my case, for example. I was developing Flash game but now fully switched on PC Steam version. Even whan it works on flash right now.

posted 2017-10-14T11:10:56-07:00

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With the death of Flash, it makes sense for this community to wither away. It's sad really, but it is what it is.

posted 2017-10-14T11:15:48-07:00

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imperator87 can't totally agree. flash is just a technology and platform. yes a lot is changed and keep changing. but flash developers is what you can just call "indie" now. most of devs not stoped to make games, just changed to other platforms - Apps, Steam, HTML5. its just FGL who dont need this ppl around anymore. because its not profitable.

in my surrounding i have a great example of community reanimation. its a russian language site called it has more than decade of history and was formerly Pro-only community for game developers. years ago you had to be a game developer and to go through verification process (i was not able to pass it :D) to be able to post on its forums. and... at some point it was totally dead. but something like a year ago new team reanimated the site, separetad it on 2 sections - Pro and "Entertaining"(games, movies, etc). And made a beautiful new community, mixed with ppl that love games and ppl that create games, fueling each other (communities).

So yes. It takes SOME efforts to have a community.

PS: imho - WASTED!11

UPD: oh yes! Another example. there was our local East European (post soviet countries) gamedev conference named FlashGAMM dedicated to Flash games. and guess what? it made rebrand on DevGAMM and feel itself great (

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Its really sad that flash is obsolete, I really miss the old times :(  

Creating games in mobile is really hard, need to really optimize it, making a 2d games with sprite sheet etc take you forever!, any heavyness of the game will crash a mobile device.

I really miss creating great and large game in flash. really miss it

posted 2017-10-15T09:43:50-07:00

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Posted on 14th Oct '17 by PlatonXXI

FGL let down its community with that hilarious "The community and marketplace are currently down for maintenance" discontinuing of its former role.

you can still find that joke when click on "profile" (link on the name). most of ppl saw thay are not welcome here and went elswhere.


Still i wonder where did everyone go? I looked around to find a forum/community for Android/mobile game-developers, but couldnt find a nice one. Advices/Ideas?


posted 2017-10-15T23:53:56-07:00

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Im using facebook groups named, indie game developers, indie game chat, unity developers

posted 2017-10-16T04:36:36-07:00

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Well FGL went from being a hub for game developers to find sponsors to just another company that provides mobile ads. So as of now there is no point in developers to stick around here anymore. I also think fgl blunder in lot of things. From html5 market disaster to not getting a good foot on to mobile market. Right now writing is already on the wall regarding future

posted 2017-10-21T02:26:44-07:00

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While PlatonXXI gives great example of DTF as community revival, for many other forums it's true that visitors are moving to the social networks or messengers. There is a facebook group, you all are welcome to join. 

BTW, who is going to Casual Connect Kiev?

sandeep410, Enhance does not provide mobile ads :D It offers a free and way to integrate any exisitng mobile ads (and other SDK) into our games. For thse developers who transit from Flash (like me), this is really essential, I think, that we don't need to look for ANEs and struggle with their implementation.

eanjo7, hi! long time no see! How is your Duterte game doin? I remember, once you posted that you hit a jackpot on mobile.


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Hey everyone,

We really appreciate the feedback.  There have been so many changes in the last year that it has been hard to keep on top of everything, so we've had to make decisions where to focus our attention.  I feel like we've given enough answers to why we had to stop focusing on Flash, but the community aspect is a tougher one for me.  It is very important to me personally, and us as a company.  

Before we made any changes, our community shrank 2x - 3x.  Why?  Because we were focused on a platform that was becoming obsolete. Finding sponsors for Flash was not as lucrative as it once was, and the sponsorship model didn't work on mobile.  So, we had to change.  This put a bigger strain on the community as many people didn't make games for mobile. If that's all we talked about, why should they hang around? I'm not saying this justifies our decisions or proves we did everything the right way, I'm just pointing out why we did the things we did.  It was always to try to help as many developers as much as we could.

There's another thing that has been going on, but I've been waiting to do a proper "press release" about it.  Since everyone here is a dedicated FGL user, though, I'll let you all know about it ahead of time:

We acknowledge that there has been a bit of confusion lately in how we message what FGL does.  What is FGL's focus?  To help devs with their games?  To help get SDKs into apps? To manage ads? The big reason for this confusion is that we do a little bit of all of that (and more), but internally we have people focused on specific things.  For example: we have a whole team that works on Enhance, but does not help manage apps we work with.  And vice versa.

So, as of a few months ago, we decided that Enhance had enough going on to be its own company.  A new company was formed: Enhance, Inc.  And all of the Enhance assets were sold off to this company.  So, now FGL and Enhance are two totally different companies.  This will allow FGL to focus more on the vision we've had from the beginning:  helping developers make the most money from their games.  And Enhance can now focus on its vision: removing the barriers between developers and services.

There obviously is still much to do with the transition.  You’ll still see Enhance mentioned on the FGL site until we get around to changing the language.  You’ll still see some of the same people working for both companies.  But as time goes on you’ll see less and less overlap.

This also means it’s a great time to send us your suggestions for the community.  What can we do better?  What do you think is missing in the other popular developer hang outs that we could fill?

I want to sincerely thank everyone here for sticking with FGL through these rough (community) times.  Even seeing you say “I used to come here daily, but now only weekly” makes me happy that you still check us out regularly.  It goes without saying that community is a two-way street.  Not only do we need to be involved, but those that are party of the community need to be involved as well. And I hope we can get back to the times where everyone checked the forums daily.

I also want to make sure I’m clear about FGL and our future:

FGL is doing great.  We have over 2,000 apps that we’re helping monetize and market.  By moving Enhance out we also now have more time and money to focus on everything, and bring in new apps.  We plan to up our marketing game (marketing the apps we work with) in the near future.  And we’ve built great relationships with ad networks, app stores, and other mobile industry companies so that we get the best rates for apps, and get prominent app store promotion for quality games.

As to the topic of this forum thread:  the area needing the most improvement: community.  We have some things in the pipes there, but again, please let us know your thoughts as well. 


posted 2017-10-22T09:20:26-07:00

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So as a developer, what exactly does FGL have to offer me? Is it a platform for finding Publishers / Buyers for new mobile games? If yes, what kind of deals can a developer look forward to?

posted 2017-10-23T05:49:13-07:00

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We, the flash developers (I'm a developer too, I have 16 games on my Kongregate profile and quite a number of Kon and NG rewards) have to shift paradigm.

On Flash it was very difficult to predict how well will the game do. Therefore we gave away a game license (exclusive or primary) and received a fixed amont of money. The performance deals (where the amount of money received by the developer is defined by the game's actual success) were quite rare. And the performance deals were time-limited.

What is the key positive difference of mobile game from a flash game? You can update the game after the release and your update will affect most of the game owners! So, it's possible to release a beta to the wild, measure its data, update the game, taking into account players' suggestions and your analytics, gather more data and so on.

And if you have proven data of your game, the publishers will line up to get it.

Once we discussed "elevetor pitches" in the company of game developers. Various ideas were considered, how to get the publisher/investor interested after a 15-seconds speech about your game. But do you know what "elevator pitch" I think is the best? 

My game's D1 retention is 55% :)

Yes, I think nothing can beat the solid data gathered during the beta testing phase.

So, for the games which get good player's retention the piblishers will be willing to offer the developer a lifetime 50/50 rev-share deal. Often they'll deduce the costs of user acquisition and game promotion before splitting the revenue.

posted 2017-10-23T09:03:26-07:00 | edited 2017-10-23T09:05:02-07:00

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1-  Fix the site. Still unable to visite user profile, some lost their user icons, it's like having neighbors but you don't know if they are still alive or dead inside their leaving room, for a community, it's pretty creepy.

2- Personally, i loved the community points and other 'rewards'. It may be a childish psychology, but i love having the impression i am gaining at least something when posting . I am on Deviant Art and know lot of people crave stuff like 'llama badges' and so on. Could have a ton of collectibles items, easy to unlock achievements, 10 first posts , Anti-spam Hero( 10 spam reported), Helper Badge . Gauges are great for this.

3- Encourage people using flash by bulding jsfl extension .  People love to feel smart and useful . I do . I wrote numerous jsfl scripts( flash extension tools), including art tool ( Hue/Saturation/Contrast filter directly done on raw shapes, random colors function , custom grid on any quad shape (very useful for perspective, wood planks, tables), batch rename scripts, distribute to frame, etc....  Would let some of them go for a reward.... if it's not monetary, at least a nice virtual badge  (number 2). Flash is still the most incredible vector software that i know of, i use it professionally everyday .... yet there is not enough tool.... adobe thought would be better to sell off more AI licence by focusing on it for vector tools while leaving flash as is .

3- Bring back events and community competition . Seeing other on projects is a huge stimulation for everyone . Maybe some interviews and tutorials from big sellers and efficient devs .

4 - Add some visuals . Maybe only a new background + buttons skin , basic css stuff.

posted 2017-10-23T10:50:25-07:00

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Could you explain the benefits of getting a publisher if your game's D1 retention is 55% because at that point you have the game and the audience so what can bring more a publisher?
posted 2017-10-24T08:52:03-07:00

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Totor, that's the question I was waiting for!

It depends heavily on what are the developer's capabilities. Often a wize solution will be to stay independent and gradually build a solution, neglecting the publishers' offers, even if they are 7-digits upfronts. Like Chris Benjaminsen did with FRVR

But someimes the developer might want money sooner to fuel the next project, or does need support on some aspect of art and gameplay. Then going with the publisher will be a solution, like Elsper did with Clicker Mine Idle Tycoon.


posted 2017-10-24T13:15:04-07:00

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Hi All,

Just wanted to weigh in on this discussion as well, at least as it pertains to "mobile game publishing".  FGL is now primarily a mobile game publisher, so that is where all of our focus will be in the future.  As a publisher we focus on all the aspects of game management that most developers do not want to.  For the games that we accept into our program, we do the following:

- Fully manage the store listing:  this includes creating promotional material, maximizing keyword use, continually running experiments to keep the listing fresh, creating video trailers, etc

- Help the developer monetize their game:  maximize ad placements, help to create a strong InApp purchase strategy

- Promote the game through cross promotion with our 2000+ game library, paid user acquisition, etc

- Provide a QA team to test the game on as many devices as possible, make sure all updates are stable

As was mentioned above, if you have a game that has a D1 retention of 55% then yes, maybe you can "go it alone" and publish it yourself.  Often times though this is not sufficient, even if you have a great game it just doesn't get discovered and does not get any install traction on the market.  

Or, maybe you are a game developer that just doesn't want to worry about the things I listed above, you just want to work on your games and let someone else take care of all the marketing, promotion, million other things involved. 

The good thing is, you can try both, go ahead publish it yourself, publish a beta, gather stats / tweak it till your users love it and see how it does.  If you can get great retention (a good starting point is 40% D1 / 20% D7 / 10% D30), but can't get the installs maybe a publisher could help!  Or on the flip side, you are getting plenty of installs but the users just aren't monetizing, perhaps a publisher could help!  If you have a game in either of these scenarios let me know and perhaps we can work together.

In my experience managing 2000+ game there are no guarantees in mobile publishing, but if you dot all the i's and cross all the t's it will give you the best chance for success.  But there are a LOT of i's and t's  : )

posted 2017-10-25T13:39:16-07:00

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So how can developers get in to this program.

posted 2017-10-27T11:09:30-07:00

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Hi Sandeep!

If you have a mobile game getting good retention (40/20/10)  and / or decent install traffic on GooglePlay (~500+ installs a day) let me know and I will take a look at it.  If I think its a good fit I will let you know.

posted 2017-10-27T16:04:48-07:00