Submitting HTML5 Games Targeting Desktop Web Browsers Only

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I am very new to using FGL forums and am posting to gather information regarding game submissions that are directly targeted to desktop web browsers and not mobile devices.

I am programming video games (using HTML5 with createjs suite) with a 1980s nintendo feel to them. I would like them to be played on desktop computers only, not mobile devices. Obviously, I would like to receive some income for my work, and I am well aware that eliminating the mobile market slashes that income dramatically. However, the desktop games would be better played on a desktop, and the logic and algorithms can be used in other games when I do start to develop for mobile.

Does FGL accept desktop only submissions, or do the games have to be mobile device playable?


posted 2017-09-23T20:02:53-07:00

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Hello Dusty,

FGL Marketplace is no longer active and available. You can read a blog post about it for more information:

If you want to use our forums to find partners/sponsors/collaborators/etc. it doesn't really matter if your game is mobile or desktop-only. :)

If you still have any questions please feel free to let me know.



posted 2017-09-25T23:11:52-07:00 | edited 2017-09-25T23:12:34-07:00

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Thank you, Kacper

posted 2017-09-27T21:05:00-07:00