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Hii, I'm Tejas Jasani Founder-CEO, TheAppGuruz, a mobile game development company with 500+ games and over 7 million players globally. Built the company ground up towards its success in iOS, Android and other platforms.

  • Pioneer of game development ecosystem in Gujarat region
  • Bohemian leader, 24x7 experimenter
  • Speaker at Dell Futurist, GDG, GBG and other events
  • Provider of strategic inputs to own company and elsewhere
  • Mentor to Startups
  • Blogger at TheAppGuruz and other sites
  • Business Management graduate, Computer Science post-graduate from Nirma University
  • Co-founder, Yudiz Solutions


  • Pragmatic yet creative. Flexible. Risk-taker
  • Reads continuously and extensively
  • Sees a wider picture. Always
  • Loves playing sports. Enjoys studying psychology
  • Dreamer, not necessarily grounded
  • Start-upper, believes change is good and less is more
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