Mobile developers survey from GameFounders

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GameFounders launched a survey among mobile game developers. 

The goal is to figure out how you approach free to play game design, what are the main tricks and pains related to it. It is spread across various gamedev communities and the results will be shared with the respondents and also the studios will be mentioned as contributors in the summary paper.

Will you, please, fill it here: GameFounders mobile gamedev survey

It takes around 15 minutes to complete the survey, your input here is very important for the whole games community. Thank you for your contribution!

posted 2017-06-05T11:22:55-07:00

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no. we dont care.

PS: the only problem is called traffic - you pay for visibility. everyone know this. because mobile stores are flawed af, all other talks is bullshit.

posted 2017-06-11T07:10:11-07:00 | edited 2017-06-11T07:11:00-07:00