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We are an Indie game studio from India. We were researching for good ad network and mediation, then we found FGL Enhance. But we were having some implementation issues due to unity's multi dex builds. We think Enhance is a really good tool for it, but we are having some issues which are as follows:

  1. The "Enhance" build does not display ads even after builing and codesigning. ( http://imgur.com/a/8UaTF )
  2. The "Enhance" integrates the SDK's are accessible by Google AdMob which is pre-integrated by us. (have callback event handling issues)

We would be thankful to you, if we get the Enhance or either AdMob callbacks fixed.




posted 2017-05-31T07:18:50-07:00

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I see you have a few different versions that you have Enhanced.  Which is the version in question?

posted 2017-05-31T07:48:55-07:00

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Hello FGL_Rozek,

I had an issue when i was using AdMob integrations, which were already included. But when i tried to add AdMob from Enhance the enhance gave following pop up as this one ( http://imgur.com/a/8UaTF ). But later on i did not integrate AdMob and just added these SDKs without any ZeroCode integration, it worked for me. I'm still working on few of the permutations and combinations, will update the thread soon.

posted 2017-05-31T23:47:56-07:00

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@FGL_Rozek Thank you very much, now the ad integration is working smoothly.

But i have an suggestion, It would be better if we could have callback for


As we are calling an Interstitial Ad at a point in game where, we need a callback to check if the ad has been closed or not, because if we don't get an callback, the game would not go ahead even when the ad is closed. Hence, causing the game to get stuck at loading.

Is there any other way through which i can check the callback for interstitial ad, i tried FGLEnhance_Callbacks but it doesn't work with interstitial and it's callback with the game.

posted 2017-06-02T02:43:02-07:00

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Sorry for the delay in response.  I will ask engineering about that.  Someone will get back with you about this soon.


posted 2017-06-08T06:52:25-07:00

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Hi arcanheim,

For interstitial callbacks you can use:

FGLEnhance.SetInterstitialCallback(Action onInterstitialCallback);

The method you pass in will then be called every time an interstitial ad is completed. I hope this answers your question.


posted 2017-06-08T07:09:26-07:00

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Hello guys,

Would you have any callback for Reward Video is Ready status?



posted 2017-06-30T06:28:24-07:00

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Hi Chrysto,

We don't offer callbacks for ready status on any of our ad types, however the 'isReady' parameters are cached and they are fast enough to poll on each frame. This is what we recommend that you do.

Let me know if this works for you.

posted 2017-07-05T07:47:08-07:00