What is a path to success in the current market?

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From the looks of things, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion here in a while. I noticed flash slowly dying over the years and some devs moved to html5 and rest I have no idea what happened to them.


I know what a path to success used to look like. Analyze current or past games, make a flash game, post for review on FGL or portals, collect traffic revenue (or sponsorship revenue with FGL). Now things are obviously a bit different.

So if someone wanted to be a successful dev with for example enhance what would he/she do?


The best I hear is that HTML5 games need longer playtime i.e 15 minutes or more - - and it was very difficult to game any info from sponsors, that info mostly came from rev share sites.


Some devs on the HTML5 game devs forum have been talking about monetizing and having problems without long play games with levels, non-exclusive license market saturation and so on.


I hope I’m not asking too deep of a question like “how do I make games…” but at the same time there isn’t a lot of discussion and it would be interesting to see someone’s perspective on it or possible resources.


So if someone for instance, wanted to become successful using enhance, what would he/she do? Make a HTML5 or unity game, port it to IOS and android and throw it on the open market and hope an audience comes? Or maybe make an app directly for mobile ios/android? Is there strategy to it, particularly on IOS, Android, and the web?


So, in a nutshell:

What are people doing and how might I do the same thing to become successful?

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I've ditched Flash a long time ago, as right now Unity is the best existing tool for game development for mobile.

My own experience taught me you have to make great games!

I worked on over 20 games in my life, and the best thing I learned is that you have to make something players WANT to play. If you're just making a copy of another already existing concept, with nothing new or special, you will not be successful. So if you want o be succesful, make a game that people want to play, not a game you want people to play.


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Flash+Starling is still the fastest and best way to make 2D mobile games. If you are expirenced in AS3 then there is no reason to leave it and waste time learning new languague.

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