This is an amazing software but I cant understand

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I been added te SDK and searching and exploring for like an hour, and by far this is the most sofisticated and amazing software our there in the market. and hats-off to enhance team. 


BUt I have some questions: First, why not include everything inone SDK and control from the dashboard?  No push-notification setting or how to send? Lack of proper guideline? 


I hope support will see this and give an answer. 

posted 2017-05-25T23:13:15-07:00

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It looks like you have a few questions.  It might be easier if you shoot us an email so we can help answer them for you, but I can try for now.

1 - "why not include everything inone SDK and control from the dashboard?" - The biggest reason for this is because Enhance®, is not an SDK.  Our platform was designed to give developers a stress free way to integrate others SDKs into their project quickly and easily.  Imagine the size of your project if an SDK had say, 46 ad networks, 11 analytics providers and 5 other types of services.  It would be crazy huge!  Now you can pick and choose exactly what you want in your project, update them or swap them out ; all from your dashboard ; in a matter of minutes.

2 - We just released support for push notifications today.  Documentation is pending, however, depending on how you want to use them, they can be added to your project using ZeroCode.

For some documentation on Enhance®, follow this link :

I hope I came close to answering your questions. If not, please feel free to hit me up.


Good luck!


posted 2017-05-26T07:15:08-07:00