FireTV support?

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I just ported a game to FireTV and am looking for a way to show preroll ads. Since the game already had enhance integrated for reward ads, I gave the function a quick try:

D/FGLSDK::EnhanceOpenFLExtension(10181): showRewardedAd with placement NEUTRAL

D/fgl.sdk.Enhance(10181): execute command: showRewardedAd

D/fgl.sdk.CommandShowRewardedAd(10181): not allowed to show rewarded ads

Seems like it's not allowed to show reward ads on FireTV. Is there a way  to use FGL/Enhance Ads (any type) on FireTV?

posted 2017-04-29T05:17:26-07:00 | edited 2017-04-29T05:17:53-07:00

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Sorry, Enhance does not currently support Fire TV.

posted 2017-05-01T07:07:53-07:00