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I have a game using enhance that has over 20,000 installs.

Most days it doesn't make a cent. Then after a week or two it makes a dollar or so.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Maybe I don't know how to make money from ads.

The game is Epic City Builder 3.

I also had this problem with Arcane Sorcery when it was supported by ads.

I must be doing somethig wrong. I wonder if anyonen has any ideas.

posted 2017-04-23T19:49:25-07:00

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how much installs you get daily??

How many ad clicks you get daily??

And how many active installs do you have??

How much do you make monthly from it

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I can't access the reporting right now.

posted 2017-04-24T06:05:23-07:00

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Can you see any information here: This is where your Enhance reporting should be.

What kinds of ads have you chosen to implement with Enhance? Have you implemented an analytics service (like Google Analytics, or Flurry) to track active users? This is really easy (basically one extra click and a paste of a code) with Enhance and will instantly give you more insight - installs unfortunately means very little, as many of those users may have installed the app, tried it once then deleted it, or possibly left it idling on their device. Active users is a much more useful metric.

posted 2017-04-24T17:25:19-07:00

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Like sandeep410 and FGL_Dave explained, the amount of you can make of ads is a product of scale and pricing.

The more active users you have on a daily or monthly and the longer the sessions, the more ads you are able to show them. On the developer side, these are definitely two of the most important factors. The other side of the equation is the company actually monetizing those ad requests. In this case, you can use Enhance to quickly connect with many of them, including us Phunware.

I suggest that you try a few different ones and compare which ones are delivering the highest eCPMs for you. Some ad networks will be stronger in one region or another, or perhaps work best for certain types of apps and games. This really is a part of this business that you have to test and compare to find the optimal solution for your case.

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