Berlin-based team looking for technical co-founder (First prototype ready)

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Hi everyone.

I'm Emilio, musician and founder of the project called Nilasphere in Berlin, where I live since 2 years. (My portfolio here

We started in October working on the first prototype of a VR game called "Vena", an RPG mixed with music creation software where gameplay is affected by the music that players create. In the meantime, we decided to survive thanks to external projects for clients but now it's time to scale since in two weeks we can start showing the final version of the prototype.

My partner Erdi is a nice hardcore gamer and veteran Street-Fighter player who already worked as project manager at Stenarts, outsurcing motion graphics companies for Wooga, Bigpoint and online games. 

Since until now we worked with freelancers, it's the moment to build a solid team and we need a person who can have the responsibility of being our CTO and share joys and sorrows. We offer equity share, of course, competitive salary and, above all, all our loyalty, will and ambition to who decides to do something that matters together. 

More informations about our current state and the position available here:

If interested, contact us or give me a call at +49 1522 6145608 for further informations or manage a meeting.



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