Looking to buy HTML5 games.

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No longer looking atm, maybe in the future. 

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then why did you post

posted 2017-04-16T01:06:53-07:00

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If you are still looking, Skype - ggamesgeorge

posted 2017-10-10T08:00:41-07:00

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We would like to present to you a game we recently developed

Milo's Candy Rush

This is a HTML5 puzzle based games. Guide the Candy and feed Milo through 36 levels. Use the propeller by pressing the left mouse button to let guide the Candy. Collect all 3 stars to get the best score. Watch out for the sharp obstacles that can pop the balloon. 

Video: https://youtu.be/e6JpIJPucBM

This games is available for Exclusive/Non-Exclusive and Site-Lock licensing.

Best Regards,

Sunit George 

Skype : studd.games



posted 2017-10-12T00:21:07-07:00