FGL Enhance+Unity+iOS = "Missing or invalid signature..."

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Generated via website successfully, downloaded this build and tried to upload into app store. Result - error with signing of fgl enhance:


How to solve this issue?

posted 2017-03-11T14:16:59-08:00 | edited 2017-03-11T14:17:17-08:00

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Hi Gargolev,

I've had a look into this on our system and it looks like you've used your developer certificate rather than your distribution certificate. To upload to the App Store or send your app out for Ad Hoc deployment, you must sign using your distribution certificate. 

When exporting your P12 from Keychain Access, make sure you select the distribution certificate, as below:


If you need more information, check out our documentation here: https://enhance.fgl.com/documentation/integrate-signing-your-app (select iOS).


posted 2017-03-11T17:40:09-08:00