Megacity Builder needs testers.

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Wondering if any devs want to have a look at my latest Steam game Megacity Builder?

Game is almost finished. It is in Alpha. 

I want feedback from devs.

It is a city builder like Sim City 2000 only on a national level. Build rural towns, research tech, have relations with other nations, build a military, trade goods. Produce goods for the world market, everything from tamato soup to jumbo jets. Start a nuke weapons program and nuke your enemies.

Attacking other nations is the last thing to add to the game and isn't in yet. 

You have to harvest resources to feed your population and factories.

There isn't a city builder out there like it to the best of my knowage. 

Really looking forward to getting some feedback.

Contact me at for a copy.

Looking forward to hearing from devs about this game.

I've been working on this series since 2009. So at this point the game is huge. There are a massive number of features in the game at this point.

So hit me up and I'll send you along a free copy.



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