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Is there a way to see the total app installs?  

posted 2017-01-21T01:30:58-08:00

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Hi mottatta,

On your dashboard you should be able to see installs. If you click the little 'edit' button next to 'Daily for 14 days', you can change the time range and aggregation of the displayed chart. This is how it should look:



posted 2017-01-22T06:29:22-08:00 | edited 2017-01-22T06:30:11-08:00

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Thanks Dave!

And another question. Is this showing only downloads from Google Play? Because for one of my games ('Cave Football' - it's showing 22 installs all time, but on where I uploaded the game too it's showing that my game has 524 downloads.


posted 2017-01-22T08:58:20-08:00

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Can someone answer please? Currently I have more that 1000 downloads on a single game on and all of my apps combined on the enhance dashboard shows 64 installs. Why is this happening?

posted 2017-02-06T11:07:10-08:00

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Hi Mottatta,

Apologies for the delay - in order to look into it we needed to dig fairly deeply into your app.

I've just downloaded your app from and it looks like the version that you released there does not include FGL Enhance, so we are unable to track installs for that version.

posted 2017-02-07T07:32:05-08:00

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Thanks for the replay and I am sorry that you had to do serious research, but in order to use Enhance I want to know how it works.

Also that's weird, because I uploaded an apk file with the Enhanced app. Can someone please say, if they have same issue with Enhanced apps on

Thank you and sorry once again!


posted 2017-02-07T09:09:37-08:00

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SlideMe is known to inflate numbers

posted 2017-02-10T05:20:42-08:00