Is there a way to listen for a Interstitial close event?

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I want to unpause my game when an Interstitial is being close, so is there a way to do that? Is there any documentation on the drag and drop library for AIR?

Also I want to ask about specialOffer and offerWall. What are these? Can you give some short explanation and maybe point at the advantages of using some of them.


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Hi mottata,

Unfortunately due to the majority of SDK vendors not including reliable 'interstitial ad closed' events, we cannot globally add that functionality. The best solution generally is to have an 'unpause' or 'continue' button that appears under the ad, a few seconds after requesting the interstitial - the idea behind this is that when the interstitial is closed, the player will be able to hit the 'unpause' or 'continue' button that has now been revealed from under the ad to carry on with the game.

Offer walls are a type of ad, similar to rewarded video ads in a way, where a user will be shown a 'wall' of real-world offers. When they have completed an offer (e.g 'sign up and install this app to get a reward!'), they will be granted a reward like with a rewarded video. They are an ad type that is growing in popularity.

The special offer SDK only includes an SDK from Pretio Interactive, which is a similar 'real world' offer type deal. However, for that type of ad, you have to add your own keys, and the only way to get one is to get in touch with the guys at Pretio Interactive ( - they will also be able to fill you in with more about their special ad type (Enhance's job is just to make it super easy to get the SDK integrated into your app!).


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Thanks for the info Dave :-)

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