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Hi, I need HTML5 Games Developer. I want you to develop HTML5 multiplayer games for my website friv2. PM Mail me your Portfolio and your Quote.


Sorry, I am newbie to FGL. Please mail me at

posted 2016-12-30T03:23:13-08:00 | edited 2017-01-19T03:57:41-08:00

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There is no PM here, you'll need to provide contact details.

posted 2016-12-30T10:16:55-08:00

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Hello! I'm engaged in the development of online games on the platform html5. A lot of my games are published on the sites: 

The letters sent to the post indicated here are not answered. I ask you to contact me by mail or by phone +(358-9) 66-14-49 Thank you.

posted 2017-12-15T08:57:40-08:00