Does Enhance work on Amazon Appstore and what will be the payment method?

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Hi there fgl Enhance team I want to upload some apps to Amazon Appstore, and I want to try Enhance, but I do not know if Enhance works on Amazon

And may I ask what will be the payment methods? I didn't find any payment methods pages in my account configuraitons, will the payment be made after revenue hit some threshold? Thank you

posted 2016-12-19T21:53:50-08:00

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Hi.  The quick answer is that it does not matter which app store you are using.   Enhance™ is simply a tool to speed up the process of integrating 3rd party services (sdk's).

In regards to payment methods, that depends on how you use Enhance™.  If you use the "I'll choose SDK's Myself" option, you will be getting revenue directly from the networks you work with, so you would be following whatever payout terms they set.  Using the “Manage Everything for Me” option is NET30.

Good Luck!


posted 2016-12-20T07:05:19-08:00

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To add a little more to this answer: if you are picking SDKs that work on Amazon, then you will be fine.  For example: if the ad networks you pick work on the Amazon app store then they will work correctly. If they do not support Amazon App store, then you'll most likely be showing ads for the google play store and that won't work out well for you :)

That said, I will note that we don't do extensive testing on Amazon devices or from their app store. We do some, but not as much as Google Play and Apple App Store. So you may want to give your app a play through on Amazon devices after Enhancing.  We do plan to test on more of those devices in the future.

(also, to remove any confusion, I'm talking specifically of Enhance. We do a lot of testing on Amazon devices for apps going through Enhance+ or Mobile Platform and are being pushed to Amazon)

posted 2016-12-27T12:26:58-08:00