Is it possible to review an old flash game in the now?

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Long story short,is it able to play an old flash game?Because its music is so memorable I want to hear again.

(I have typed a long post last night,but don't know why it doesn't send,and I lost the content,I don't twant to type again)

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Unfortunately not directly on the site. If you remember the game name you could look for it 'in the wild' and see if you can track it down, as it was likely released at some point if it was up on FGL.

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Thanks for reply,

I was a game developer here,and somehow I looked at the high rate game,and find out this game.

The game I'm looking for is pixel II ,if I recall it right,you are like a baby dragon,you grow and move faster as you get more crystal.If you miss a crystal,you lose engery,you die if you are out of engery.And the music is so great!

I have tried to search on internet,but the problem is this name is too genric,and there's an other game called pixel2 which is made by HeroInteractive to distract the search.Also,I'm wondering if [pixel II] is its real name.As the [II] could be either L or just capital letter of i or something else.

Meanwhile,the feedback of this game is meant to be found on Game Feedback,but I can't find it. Except for pixel2 by HeroInteractive,there's another one piXel 2 by MADSOFT.But I suspect it's not the one I'm looking for,because I remember it has some good feedbacks.I suspect the developer of the game has make it private,or pixel II is not its real name.So it's possible the game is exclusive and being unable to find on internet.I' sure the post of the game must be 3 or after 3 years.

From what I research,the FGL system has just changed 2 months before,if I could get here at the time,I may still able to get the music. I lost the music file due to upgrading to Windows 10,after 1 month,it will sliently delete your previous data without asking.

Although I still remember about 90% of the music,it's still different from the real one.If anyone knows the game,and have the link to that game,please tell me,I'm appreciate to see that.

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