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Market Level 6Community Level 13
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Right now I can't add signature and give thank points, and some posts really deserve some thanks!

posted 2016-12-16T00:37:02-08:00

FGL AdminCommunity Level 5
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Sorry about that ozdy, we are slowly working on expanding the options available in the forums.  

posted 2016-12-16T07:46:06-08:00

Market Level 5Community Level 1
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Once everything is back up, will we have our inbox with all sent/received messages available like it was before?

posted 2017-01-13T21:27:45-08:00

FGL AdminCommunity Level 5
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I will send a message to engineering and see if they can chime in.  To the best of my knowledge, the pm system isn't on the to do list currently, but things change.


posted 2017-01-16T06:28:25-08:00