Promising future for HTML5 games via Messenger Games?

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Did you heard about the new Facebook Messnger Instant Games?

It looks like a really good news for the HTML5 game devs.

Also I read this article from Big Viking Games:

 Big Viking Games, the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in HTML5 Messenger Instant Games, is expanding the reach of its HTML5 initiatives today with the creation of a $10 million publishing fund to develop and distribute third-party content for messengers platforms in HTML5.


I remember the HTML5 games market was not a success here in FGL, but maybe this is a good opportunity for FGL too, this is a great platform.


What do you think?



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Edit: be cautious of "Big" claims.

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Kik tried a big push with this sort of thing right around the time we were doing a big HTML5 push, and it just didn't grab traction (at least not nearly enough to provide a return on investment). My hope is that this is more of a success, but right now I definitely think FGL's major focus is Enhance - dipping our toes back into the HTML5 pool would be a bit of a distraction on that focus, and we all believe as a company and as a team that Enhance provides a groundbreaking new service to mobile developers - we want to give that our all!

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