Suggestions how to enhance Enhance(TM) userbase

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1.) Accept pure HTML5 games.

2.) Do the packaging (PhoneGap etc.) on Enhance along with adding the ad networks.

3.) Spam Construct2, GameMaker and HTML5Gamedevs forums.

4.) ????

5.) Profit

posted 2016-12-08T09:41:57-08:00 | edited 2016-12-08T09:42:13-08:00

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Thanks for the suggestion, ozdy.

posted 2016-12-13T11:47:54-08:00

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No problem, reasoning is that there are a lot of html5 devs, but very few of them are familiar with PhoneGap, but many want to publish to mobile stores and earn from ads.

posted 2016-12-13T12:12:27-08:00

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Support for PhoneGap is something we are working on for Enhance™.  




posted 2016-12-14T06:53:11-08:00 | edited 2016-12-14T06:54:13-08:00

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Just add support for game maker and construct 2

posted 2016-12-14T09:01:44-08:00