Are Native/HTML5 mobile games better than Adobe Air games?

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I feel far more confident in Flash but everyone keeps hating on it so I am starting to get paranoid. For mobile games from end user perspective I don't see why someone would prefer Native to Adobe Air game(except the added size of the running platform).  Is there something I am missing? Is leaving Flash and Adobe Air a necessity?

posted 2016-12-07T01:07:46-08:00

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There are things you can do in native code that ActionScript is not well suited to. E.g. you can use fragment shaders on the GPU for a wide variety of effects. But doing something similar on the CPU would be much harder.

It used to be possible - Adobe’s PixelBender included a shader language that ran on the CPU. But Adobe abandoned it in favour of Stage3D and fragment shaders, and Flash is nowhere near fast enough to do such effects in ActionScript code.

posted 2016-12-08T07:42:01-08:00

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Very no

posted 2016-12-12T18:56:23-08:00

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Native is better for iOS. First of all xCode manages all of your certificates. Second, there is an actionswift framework for Swift that lets you port your Flash games easily.

posted 2016-12-29T01:59:11-08:00