Require programmer for multiplayer unique card game (mobile & web) (pay negotiable)

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Hi everyone, A company I used to work for has created their own a physical card game and they have gotten in touch with me recently as they want to create web & mobile versions of the card game.  The game itself is very simple, each player 2-8 is dealt one card and they basically bet on the value of their one card (lowest card wins) there's a little more to it. you can find full details here ( (I will create the artwork for the game) If you are interested please send me your portfolio or previous games and approx costs. The company is happy to pay per milestone of completion.  Thanks Steven email: abtoons (@)

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Steven, there is no PM here you'll need to post a contact address.

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Hi, I am very intereseted in this job. Kindly checkout my portfolio You can contact me through email or skype :

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Hello. Im ready to make your game for overwatch) Seriously.

This one I've made completely alone:





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