What percentage do you guys take?

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I've started working on 2-3 projects and I had difficulties convincing all the devs I worked with to try Enhance.

I'm sold on all the benefits it provides, and so should the devs since it shoud be much more easier to install and manage rather than doing that for each ad network.

There's already a lot of middlemen in the whole process of monetizing a game.

Apple,publishers, Ad Networks want their cut and you also have to make some money from the services you provide.

However I'm not sure you guys ever mentioned the cut you take, and I think that's some major information you should reveal.

Your service does seem to provide benefits, but I understand why devs would hold back from implementing it as it would add an unknown extra cost to the project.

So I think revealing that info would help more devs get on board.

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If you are using the “I’ll choose SDKs myself” option of Enhance™ you do not have to worry about us taking a percentage.  

With the “Manage everything for me” option, its actually difficult to put an exact % on the cut we would take.  We have different deals with different networks.  Our goal is to make ads as profitable as possible for you.



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