How to get development iOS build (not distribution) Enhanced?

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I`m using Enhance now for interstitial ads and I have some troubles in testing it. 

When I upload my IPA file system asks me to provide certificate and password. There are 2 certificates on iOS: development and distribution (for dev test as you know you also need provision profile). So it looks like system asks me distribution one. I`m providing it and as result I get appstore build. I can upload it to itunesconnect ant test it via testflight but it is waste time. So the question is how can I get development build Enchanced (and just upload it via usb on device to test).

posted 2016-11-24T22:16:26-08:00

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Hi NellyKey,

Our system should be grabbing the provisioning profile from the app itself (it is embedded in the IPA) and using that for signing. Have you tried providing a development signing certificate and a development build IPA? If you do that and it still gives you a distribution build, please post back here as that sounds like an issue in the signing process and will need to be looked into!


posted 2016-11-26T21:06:23-08:00