How to sign up as a publisher?

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Hello FGL

So a few months ago when the site looked different I registered as a publisher, I recieved the following email

Welcome, CavElliott! Thanks for signing up with! We are excited to start working with you soon. You might find the Publisher FAQ ( helpful while getting started with FGL.

 However I can not log into my publisher account or even find where the publisher login/ sign up is, the link in the email is broken and I was even able to create a new account with the same email and name as the one for my publisher account which suggests that my publisher account no longer exists.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks you for your time.

posted 2016-11-09T02:23:01-08:00

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It was a struggle, but I was able to remember my publisher login info and log in this morning.  You should be able to login with your credentials at the same login screen as you did with your developer account.

Here's the thing though.  The marketplace has closed.  Right now, you would have access to the same areas as you do with your developer account.

posted 2016-11-09T07:55:01-08:00