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I have a few questions.

I just recive the email with no more flash games and i must admit i got a nostalgia feel and a litle depresion from it but life moves on .

So , question 1: is FGL having any plans regarding steam market ?

question 2: are ther any devs here interested in doing games for steam ?

question 3: are ther any investors for steam game developers here ? Maybe somting like invest in development in return for % from sales somting like an upfront payment for a game thats allready finishd just that devs want money faster or just a normal investment in games that are not finishd yet.



DO excuse my english

posted 2016-10-31T15:56:37-07:00

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I have a game that is on Steam.  It is a free-to-play game.  It's doing well on Steam money wise.  However I've already had the game quite built up over the past few years and it's already been out to the public for a few years now.  I leveraged that to help me get through Steam greenlight.  It got Greenlit in about 2 weeks.

posted 2016-11-01T12:26:55-07:00