[as3] platformer. when the ledge is slightly to high

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usually. in platformer game, if player doesn't quite make a jump or the ledge is slightly to high for the player, the player usually pull himself up very quickly.

how to code something like that? any idea or direction to achieve something this?


posted 2016-09-22T10:16:34-07:00

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First choice is whether your game is physics based or tile based.  Physics approach may use collision (e.g. hitting the edge of a platform, or other dynamic condition), Tile approach may use predictive (e.g. gap / speed of jump calculated on jump).  Combinations of both approaches can yield more advanced outcomes (e.g. adjusting the animation state or audio on jump).  Double-jumping lends itself better to Physics approach.

posted 2016-09-22T15:29:18-07:00