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Hi guys, I am Jack and I'm wanting to get into the contentious field of Film and Video Game music. I WON'T charge if anyone wants me to write something, as I am looking to build a portfolio of my music credentials.

So, if you need music for a game that you are making, then do not hesitate to message me with details of what you are wanting.

I hope someone will contact me as soon as and we can get down to work.

Thanks guys!

posted 2016-09-18T19:21:51-07:00

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Hi fellow musician :) The best way to get started is to post a few demos. If you don't have any yet, have a look for some games and for practice, try to record something that works for that game (just as if a developer hired you to do so). Do that 4-6 times to get a little mini-portfolio together, and include that with your posts like this to get more developer interest!

posted 2016-09-20T17:54:22-07:00