Looking to Buy a Games Portal Webiste (+ newbie questions)

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Hi, I'm sort of new to FGL, and reading some of the threads it sounds like I'm late to the party, or at least the "golden days of online flash games portals".. and the move is to mobile now..

But I would like to get involved, I'd like to buy a simple flash games portal, it's probably easy enough to make new from scratch and just pull in some Armorgames and Kongregate listings, but I'd like to take something in existence - with a few google ads on, and possibly with a loose partnership or someone to help managing the site - to show me the ropes and manage some things, add new listings? At least for a while.

My background is online marketing, traffic generation and we're moving into mobile apps , and I don't think that online portals/flash is dead, I'm looking to learn this space and then start to have games developed and sponsor games - especially where we can get a web AND mobile version of the games made. So if you have a games portal that is dropping in traffic and revenue then get in touch?

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