What's the big deal about Pokémon Go?

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I've been seeing posts related to this new winner game called Pokémon Go all over Facebook these days. Can anyone give me an idea about what's going on? Why is the game suddenly so popular?

posted 2016-08-16T08:06:19-07:00

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They should have used FGL mobile.

posted 2016-08-16T11:07:50-07:00

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It's super accessible, nostalgic for pokemon fans (even casual ones who just collected the cards back in the day) and went viral on the internet for various reasons (the main one being that is promotes 'getting outside' unlike many other games, but others include horror stories about players getting attacked, mugged, driving while playing etc).

It's just the most recent mobile fad, albeit a really big one.

posted 2016-08-16T16:32:24-07:00 | edited 2016-08-16T16:47:51-07:00

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did you think it this way:

It's the first time I see, that someone used mobile, and GPS to put YOU directly into the game. So the whole Earth is a "Level" and for the first time YOU are the "hero" inside that level, collecting bonuses, checkpoints, upgrading yourself...

I never tried this game, but... new concept, just like they did it with Wii Remote.

What's strange to me, is how all the TV stations, all websites, not even gamer-websites, all the people around me, are talking about this game. That's real phenomenon to me. They get enormous free marketing all around the world, it's like, everybody was waiting to hear about this game... and spread a word about it.

I'm waiting for the first really good game, with this concept implemented. So you are inside the game, on some adventure, where you have to walk to complete some missions, collect some "clues"... even to talk to meet with other players, and do something together in order to complete some task... I have million ideas, what game makers could do in the future with this concept of real-life games.

posted 2016-08-18T07:34:27-07:00

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I am actually not so sure but it has certainly taken world by strom.

posted 2016-10-06T10:39:56-07:00