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Just wondering if its possible to see some (even rough) numbers to help get a feel of the true impact? For example the graphs show an increase in traffic, but seem to show a rise from very low numbers to around 4.5k, but on google play right now it says the game has over 100k downloads! Also with the increase in revenue, I can understand people not wanting to give exact numbers, but rough ball park figures would be nice, we see a graph show an increase, but it could be an increase from earning 10p a day, to £10 a day, would be a huge spike but nothing really to talk about. On the other hand it could have been an increase from £10 a day, to several hundred a day, which would be something to talk about. Also, what did he have to do to get you guys to redo all the art work in his game, I mean that is some considerable work right there, you just do that for free yeah? Thanks for sharing this stuff, as it really helps paint a clearer picture of the mobile market place.

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I'll ask the developer if he is OK to share the data.  I will say it is more than 10x £10 a day, though, or it wouldn't be worth sharing.

For the artwork, yes we paid for it.  That is something we can offer through our Mobile Platform.  We usually pay for the artwork for icons, game screenshots for the market listing, etc... rarely do we do in-game art but if it is necessary we'll get it done :)

The key is retention.. if a game shows solid enough retention then all this work is going to pay off so we'll do it.

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I have an idle game I made year ago. It was never featured on Kongregate but still many plays (now at 127000 plays in Kongregate alone), even seeing players unlock the achievement to play for 24 hours

The game is designed for mobile and I have ported it already but I have never released it, the suggestions in the comments have been in my to do list but never got into it. I think it has good retentious especially when I put in the Time Restart mechanic (similar to Tap Titans Prestige). Can you help me publish it?

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I remember that game :)

Yes definitely we can look to help.  Do you have a playable version for mobile?  If so send it our way (you can send it directly to me:

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