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Game development opportunities.

Are you a gamer? Are you always looking forward for a moment, when you can get back to your computer and dive into the magic world of video games? Are games important to you? Do they help you get rid of stress? Or maybe you can do something absolutely impossible in real life like defeating a dragon, cast a spell on somebody or even save the whole world with all its inhabitants then MG Games needs you.

Apply to join our development team and help us make your game ideas real no qualifications needed just show us what you can do. Choose from three roles developer, artist or programmer. Any proceeds made from games you helped work on will be split evenly. So why not join the MG Games team now.

Email us on mggames0@hotmail.com or Message us on Facebook or Twitter to apply and let us know what you can do and why not check out our website at www.mg-games.co.uk.

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