Gamer Safe down?

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It does not work for any of my games. Is it down? For good? It's been just two years since I implemented it after the Mochii shutdown. Not too happy to have to go through all that again. :(

posted 2016-07-14T10:11:12-07:00

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Hi Anders,

GamerSafe is currently down after a large system failure. We're currently working on it, with the plan on restoring it to new hardware.

We'll post a full update as soon as we have news, it should be later today, or early tomorrow.

posted 2016-07-14T10:24:45-07:00 | edited 2016-07-14T10:24:59-07:00

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Sorry to hear about the system failure, but good to hear that it will be back Smile

Thanks for the quick reply.

posted 2016-07-14T10:42:45-07:00 | edited 2016-07-14T10:44:41-07:00