Case study - Dynamons 2 - HTML5 / Native game

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We’ve recently released a cross platform mobile and desktop game called Dynamons 2.

We wrote an in-depth case study explaining the processes and thoughts behind the making of the game, from the initial client brief, and up to the conclusions we got after releasing the game.

If you’re interested, you can read the case study about the making of Dynamons 2 here!

Also, if anyone has any questions about the development process or our work in general, we’ll be happy to answer the best we can, and share from our experience.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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Good read! What kind of cross platform tools did you use exactly?

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We use the Haxe open source language with the OpenFL library and some of our own made libraries & tools we developed over the past several years.
They enable us to develop mobile games for various platforms (HTML5/iOS/Android & more) with relative ease.

We are actually planning to write a more in-depth blog post describing our tools and frameworks we use to make games, so stay tuned :)

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