Smooth Character Animation for Games

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Hi, I am an indie and I am planning to build a game with a smooth animation as seen on game of dice. I like the way they move the hair fringe, limbs and heads with a very smooth transition. I am also curious if this was coded and rotated or created as sprite sheets with animation?

posted 2016-05-13T04:34:59-07:00

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Game of Dice looks like it uses 'tweening' based animation to me. Check out programs like Spriter ( or Spine ( to see this in action. Unity also has a built in tweening-based animation system (as does Flash).

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Also consider DragonBones Pro and Flump as very competent free open source alternatives to the excellent (but commercially licensed) Spriter and Spine. (uses Flash Pro / Animate to create the animations)

posted 2016-05-13T15:57:59-07:00