Best format for splash screen?

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I'm having a bit of trouble tracking down an easy answer to this so thought I would post it here. Maybe the admins can make it a sticky topic?

As developers what is the best format to receive a sponsor's splash screen in?

In my research I first assumed that it would be flash (SWF/SWC) but given the rise of HTML5/Unity games for multi platform distribution, does this remain true?

OR should it be something like mp4?


posted 2016-05-05T14:45:02-07:00

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If you plan to sponsor  formats other than Flash then yes, you need more than just SWF which only works for Flash. mp4 is one possibility, though much simpler is a static image, i.e. a PNG, if you don’t need animation. That will work everywhere and be much more lightweight.

posted 2016-05-06T13:42:31-07:00

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Thanks for the response John. I figured Mp4 would be best and went with that. I decided to also ask for the After Effects file in case I decided to produce a SWF from it.

posted 2016-05-07T04:48:29-07:00