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The game is in open beta:

Hello, I'm trying to ship my first game. It will feature non-original art as I'm just a coder and in this first attempt, I want to focus on gameplay and storytelling.
Hoping to get some good advice and maybe a future partner(s).
I'm a coder, I can't do art, so I focused on experimental concepts I can handle.

Follow the development and beta process on


posted 2016-04-17T18:58:12-07:00

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Hello, after so much hard work and thank to all your feedbacks, we're excited to announce we released the first version of Aedo Episodes to the stores.

We created a banner to showcase the game, hope is nice and create some good expectation.




You can try the game, and share your thoughts with us

iOS | Androd | WindowsPhone


We're still developing the game to create more content, more puzzles, more challenges.

You can follow us and send your feedback, suggesstions and critiques: | Twitter | Facebook

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Congrats on the release.

posted 2016-12-12T12:29:40-08:00