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Hello, I have uploaded an Enhanced game to Google Play few weeks ago and, even if I have some players, no Income is still shown in the Enhance income panel. Is there a minimum of AD visualization before showing something? Thanks.

posted 2016-04-15T10:18:08-07:00

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I don't think so. I had an income some days after I added my App to the store but until that there was nothing. But my Apps are just small "experiments" so nothing big with much users. 

How many installs has your APP?

posted 2016-04-19T20:53:32-07:00

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Hi Expera,

TheFlashRevolution is most likely correct - our reports are updated daily and there is no minimum to display income, but if your game has a low number of installs then it's possible that no ads have been clicked or viewed, and therefore you might not have made any money yet.

All of the income is tracked back to your game via Enhance so as soon as the game does start generating revenue, it will show up in reports.

posted 2016-04-21T12:29:07-07:00

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The game published with Enhance it's just an experiment but right now it have 20 installs. Anyway I'll continue check the income in Enhance for some changes.

posted 2016-04-21T17:38:42-07:00

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если игру никуда не загружать доход будет показываться? я сам пару раз посмотрел рекламу ну в статистике ничего нет

posted 2016-11-12T10:14:17-08:00