How do I code sign ios app using xcode

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How can I code sign Ios app using xCode for a client. He already sent me a certificate and a provisioning profile but how to use them to code sign the app.


1- I don't have an apple developer account.

2- the app is developed in Unity.

3- I used cocapods for google play services to work on Ios this is how I used it (Check out FaHu answer).

Please help I've never used xCode before so am new to Ios in general if you can provide a step by step that will be so appreciated as am stuck to do this for a month and a half.

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Double click provisioning and certifciates and insatll it in your machine.

Then open the unity xcode project and then build and sign it by using that certiciate and profile.

Its better if you see youtube videos on how its done

posted 2016-04-15T15:18:32-07:00