Games studio hiring. $5,000 for referrals

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A Thinking Ape is hiring! $5,000 if you refer someone.

Hey guys! It has been a while since I frequented here but I wanted to let you know of an opportunity to make use of your developer network (or find a job if you're looking!). We're hiring in a big way and looking for some all-star game developers for mobile and our server infrastructure. This month only, $5,000 is yours if you refer someone and it results in us hiring them! (referral must be received by April 22nd)

We are an indie mobile studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The office is purely awesome and we have a huge emphasis on ownership and autonomy. As a former indie flash dev I feel right at home and this is why I thought of you guys when asked to share this offer with my network.

We're looking for people who:

  • Are very strong coders with an emphasis on scalability and maintainable code
  • Are self-starters and work well when they have input on features
  • Have done technical work in the past (not even necessarily games!) and can show off their awesome work

Here is a link to our jobs page with more information

What technologies are needed?

We don't hire based on language. We have a high technical bar and have never had an issue with developers learning a new language. Our thought process goes: it's not that much harder to learn a new language than learning a new API if you already have experience in imperative languages

That being said, our stack is: Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), python (Django), Mysql and Unity3D (iOS/android) for some newer projects


We are a Vancouver based company but we are serious about acquiring talent from across the globe. We will fly candidates in for interviews if they pass our initial phone interviews and we will arrange relocation compensation in the event of a job offer. FGL is a global operation and I know you guys have contacts we would never normally reach!

If you have anyone you want to refer, want more information, or are interested in the job yourself, send me a private message or send an email to the address on our site.

Here is more information on the program with all the fine print. Note that engineering candidates will have to pass a series of difficult technical interviews similar to those delivered by google or amazon. We are also taking applications for mobile game design and artist roles (and we have smaller, yet sizeable, referral bonuses for these candidates as well). 

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Good luck guys!  Is finding local talent getting harder?

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b10b said:

Good luck guys!  Is finding local talent getting harder?

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll give out a bit of insight into the problems we're facing with a limited recruiting pool.

We are pickier than most in our recruiting but the end result is a lot better culture and much stronger products. The only way to effectively run a company that emphasizes ownership is to hire people who want to solve problems and make cool things from an inner drive rather than just showing up to work. 

This policy lets us do really cool things like flexible hours (you can get into the office as late as 1pm) and really give flexibility on how to work as long as it aligns to the company vision. We trust everyone who works here to get things done and it really gives us freedom.

We strive to be the best in the world in what we do so our efforts have extended out to find the best in the world!

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Hey guys, quick update. I've had people ask me if we are accepting applications for remote art contracting.

We do most of our art in-house but we do contract out some assets when we find kick-ass freelancers. If you have a solid portfolio to show off, contact me in a private message and I'll forward it to our art director.


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Last call! 2 days left to the deadline. We just released a video piece about what it's like to work here. Check it out:

(Note that after the deadline we will still maintain an external referral bonus of $2,500)

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