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Hello fgl developers im looking for html5 games only primary and sitelocks with kiz10 api, good games nothing of flappy, match3 , and that type of games we dont buy.

If you are interested please send me mail tomy.kiz10@gmail.com with the description and demo of the game or here in FGL send me link to your game

If the game match the quality we buy



posted 2016-03-08T01:18:39-08:00

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I have sent you an email!
Also, here is the link to our catalog of html5 games:

posted 2016-03-08T14:47:10-08:00

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Hi! We develop point and click adventures in Unity3D and all of our games are fully functional in WebGL.

You can see all of our games here on FGL! I also sent you an email. :)

posted 2016-03-08T21:36:34-08:00

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I just finished a game for the USArmy and am working on a game for Heineken.  What genera of game are you targeting for maximum ROI? (email sent)

posted 2016-05-29T16:00:57-07:00