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Hey guys.

What exactly I will need in order to make a peer to peer Flash game. Can a simple domain server do the trick, or I need something more specific?

Also can this be done in pure AS3 with xmlSockets or I will need a server side language for it?


posted 2016-01-29T06:57:44-08:00

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I've been laterally trying to code a real-time multi-player game based on a sql database, I think it was a bad start since the queries cannot handle a lot of simultaneous sent data. So I moved to an RTMFP server, I think that sql database communication can still be used if you're making a turn-based game, anything else which requires continues data transmission should require a dedicated server.

p2p template :

P.S: You will need to register at the Adobe Cirus service to get your dev-key and server url

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