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Has anyone had any experience with this?
I've made a game using Phaser which includes video (be it mp4, webm, ogg, etc)
It works fine on browser, seems to be ok when running in browser on android.

Now when I put it through PhoneGap to make it stand alone, it fails to comply.. I've read up a lot of how it's not gonna work without somehow being remote or stored on the sdcard... If anyone has any experience with using videos in this way, let me know.

I might have to look into somehow creating a media player routine using the Android Developers Suite and linking the two together somehow? Ugg....

posted 2016-01-27T10:51:07-08:00

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Yes i make html5 games with video with

Perhaps your video buffer on your phone isnt working.  Sometimes it loads slow, are you preloading the videos?

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Videos work fine with html5 using The problem i'm having it when it goes through phonegap to create an App for android (trying to keep it all self contained). Videos just dont work (unless its remote hosted, or saved on the sd card).

I have recreated the movies using spritesheets and tweening in the mean time, using the audio positions to trigger each one... Messy, but only way out i see at the moment... Going to move to Unity for the App making though, as even the audio in html5 is messed up on older tablets...

Thanks for the reply :)

posted 2016-02-02T12:01:39-08:00